Book Review – “52 Little Lessons from A Christmas Carol” by Bob Welch

I am a huge fan of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. So when I saw that I could request a copy of 52 Little Lessons from A Christmas Carol by Bob Welch, I knew I had to read and review it.

This book serves as part devotional and part literary guidebook.  It looks at A Christmas Carol in an attempt to draw out some of the religious themes it contains and show us how to apply them to our lives.  Each chapter starts with a quote from the book (or one of the movie adaptations), which is then followed by an examination and explanation of the quote in the larger picture of the story and an application to our lives.  Each chapter will often also include Scripture to show how the story connects to Christian teaching.  Some of the chapter titles include “Don’t let people steal your joy,” “See life as a child,” “Bitterness will poison you,” “Your life matters more than your death,” “Before honor comes humility,” and “Grace changes everything.”

This is one book I will be keeping and looking at, along with Dickens’ classic itself, many times over.  It is a relatively quick read, with short chapters.  You could read it in a few sittings, or you could stretch it out as a daily or weekly devotional.

If you love A Christmas Carol, you will love the insights this book offers as well.  Pick up a copy and add it to your library.

Note: I received this book free from Book Look Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.


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