Book Review – “Reframe” by Brian Hardin

A while back, Brian Hardin wrote a book called Passages that encouraged me to keep Scripture reading a priority in my life.  When I heard he had another book coming out, I was excited to read it.

Reframe: From the God We’ve Made to God with Us was an encouraging read.  In the book, Hardin encourages us to “Rethink” what we know about God, to “Reframe” our knowledge of Him and our life with Him, and to “Restart” our spiritual life as a “life-giving, collaborative relationship with God” (p. 152).  Hardin confronts some of the mistaken views we have of God and the Bible, encouraging readers to see God as someone who loves us deeply and passionately and wants us to know Him intimately and love Him with all of our hearts.  He wants us to see the word of God not as a rulebook, but as a story in which we see just how much God loves the people He made and wants to be in a relationship with us.  Hardin goes on to point out that while theology and doctrine are very important, ultimately it is the relationship with God that matters; it is the difference between knowing God and merely knowing about God.

Let me state clearly what the book is not.  It is not a “how-to” book.  If you are looking for a lot of deep information about how to actually live out this collaborative relationship with God, you will not necessarily find it here.  This is more of a surface-level introduction to the idea.  I didn’t realize this when I first started reading, so I began by expecting a little more.  As I was reading, however, I realized that Hardin’s goal seems to be not so much to show us exactly how to have this intimate relationship with God as it is just to remind us and reinforce the importance of having it.  If you are wanting to grow deeper, other books on spiritual disciplines would be a good follow-up to this one.

Overall, I thought the book was very good, especially to someone new to the idea of that deep relationship with God or for someone who feels as if everything has just grown a little dry in their spiritual life.  It would serve as a great foundation and introduction or springboard to get people thinking about how they need to change to have a more intimate relationship with God.

If you are looking for a reminder of what God wants from us, I definitely recommend this book.

Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.  


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