Book Review – “The Story of Everything” by Jared C. Wilson

story of everything

Ever since I read Randy Alcorn’s Heaven, I have been extremely interested in deepening my understanding of eternity and how the current world fits in to God’s plan.  The Story of Everything by Jared C. Wilson is an excellent addition to my library and my thoughts in this area.

In the book, Wilson examines multiple aspects of the world to arrive at a theological understanding of how it all fits in to the story God is telling.  He examines history, creation, politics, culture, evil, pain, fun, and marriage (along with sex and family).  By looking it at from the view of a story God is telling, he manages to unify these things and tie them together with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  He also points out that all of these aspects will ultimately not be overturned in total, but will find their fulfillment at the end of all things, when all things are made new.

I found the book to be very biblically sound and gospel centered.

I think my biggest takeaway is the chapter on “God’s Plan for Romance, Marriage, and Sex.”  Wilson does a tremendous job of examining how the gospel orients husbands and wives and provides that guidance and union necessary to make a marriage work.  He reminds us that marriage is a covenant, not a contract, and that, as such, we can love no matter what, just as Christ has loved us despite our shortcomings and failures.  The entire chapter is a pointed reminder that ultimately we are to serve our spouse rather than being served, and that ultimately our marriage is about God:

“The story that God is telling with the world calls us back to a radical reshaping of what we think marriage is for.  Personal happiness and romantic fulfillment can be the by-products of a healthy marriage, but the husband’s and wife’s primary purpose in marriage is not happiness and romance.  The primary purpose of marriage is giving God glory by bearing witness to the gospel. The primary purpose of marriage is to make Jesus look big.” (Kindle location 3135)

If we could keep this in mind, really if we could memorize the whole chapter and live it out, our marriages would be transformed.  To me, the chapter on marriage alone is worth getting the book.

So, what do we do with the information in Wilson’s book?  We remember this quote and live it out: “Jesus is indeed making all things new. The purpose of life now is to live in such a way that everything we do with everything points to his remaking of everything.” (Kindle location 3665)  We orient our lives so that we are constantly living out the reality that everything is working toward a renewal that God will bring about.  Imagine how attractive the gospel will become in our lives if we live this out daily with everyone we meet!

I would strongly encourage everyone to pick up this book and read through it slowly, soaking it in.  You won’t regret it!

Note: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Crossway through their Blog Review Program in exchange for my honest review.


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