Book Review – “When You, Then God” by Rusty George

when you

God makes many promises to us throughout His word.  Sometimes, however, those promises are conditional.  When You, Then God by Rusty George hits on some of these ways that God blesses us as we take certain steps.

Some of the aspects George brings up are “when you trust God’s love, then God will invite you to partner with him,” “when you walk with Jesus, then God will help you look like Jesus,” “when you relax, then God will guide you,” and “when you place your hope in God, then God will give you hope,” among others.

George begins the book by opening up about how he realized that although he gave lip service to knowing and believing God’s love, he realized that he really did not.  This set him on a path to discover God’s love in a deeper way.

He then proceeds to tackle two errors in understanding the Bible: the “Thou  Shalts” and the “Never Minds.”  The former live in legalism, building rule upon rule on top of what the Bible says, missing God’s grace.  The latter dismiss much of Scripture, believing it does not apply to us today.

A better way is to realize that God’s word does apply to us, but that God is after our good in the process.  That partnership where we work and God works with us is the focus of the rest of the book.

To me, the best chapters of the book were the chapter dealing with anxiety and the last chapter, where George emphasizes the need not only to know God’s word but also to put that word into practice in our lives.  He explains that we need to constantly be learning the word of God and doing what we are learning.  If we learn without doing, we are not living out our faith.  If we do without learning, we can begin to live incorrectly.  Both are important.

When You, Then God is a great read to remind us of some of the precious promises in God’s word and what our part is in seeing those promises come to fruition in our lives.

*Note: I received a complimentary copy of the book from Tyndale Publishers in exchange for my honest review.  



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