Scripture Presentation

I am an Evangel Arts minister with Wordsower International, a ministry that has a two-fold purpose of sharing the word of God dramatically from memory and of helping “the least” throughout the world by raising funds to support orphans and widows in several countries, partnering with a ministry that fights child trafficking in Nepal, and discipling and training up ministers of the word.

I was introduced to Scripture presentation after seeing Bruce Kuhn perform the gospel of Luke on the Internet.  I was floored by his ability not only to memorize that much Scripture but also to present it in such a fascinating way, as well.

I then came across the Wordsower ministry, with Tom Meyer reciting Revelation, Genesis 1-11, and many other passages.  The late Jason Nightingale was the founder and director of Wordsower and recited Revelation, the gospel of John, and many other passages.

Eventually, I was introduced to Marquis Laughlin, who has recorded very engaging presentations of parts of John’s gospel, part of Acts, Revelation, part of Daniel, and the life of Abraham.  Aaron House, with Piercing Word Ministry, has also done a tremendous job of presenting Scripture in a lively way.  Keith Ferrin, who combines dramatic storytelling with a desire to help people enjoy the word of God more, has also been a great friend and encouragement.

Since I have always loved memorizing, and I used to be in drama in youth group growing up, I decided to try to memorize Scripture to present dramatically as well.  Since I started, I have memorized Jonah, the Sermon on the Mount, Philippians, Psalm 1, Psalm 23, 1 Corinthians 13, James, and Revelation 1-7.  All of the men mentioned above have been a great support and encouragement to me as I have worked on this ministry.

I have had the privilege of presenting the Sermon on the Mount, Jonah, Philippians, and part of 1 John at several churches in Northwest Florida and once in Alabama.  The “References” page on my site has a few references from some of the pastors who have graciously invited me to present for their congregations.

Below are some links (in the titles) to a few of my presentations on YouTube.  They will open in a new window, and the actual reciting starts about 9 minutes in for the Sermon on the Mount, 7 minutes in for Jonah, and 4 minutes and 45 seconds in for Philippians:

Sermon on the Mount Presentation

Book of Jonah Presentation

Book of Philippians Presentation

If you or your church would be interested in my presenting God’s word in a dramatic way for your congregation and in helping Wordsower continue to support orphans and widows, please feel free to contact me using the form on this page.  Since I am a public school teacher, I can do more traveling at certain times than others, but I would love to share God’s word and encourage others to memorize whenever I am able.

God bless!



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